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Here’s apple-pie properties Twitter which is just getting off the ground so again we made a very clean website gets the message there they are in Connecticut and this is a you know residential home is a totally new concept there so we’re talking about a better way to do assisted living welcome home and it’s not an institution so we really got to kind of present the message into an area that doesn’t really have this existing yet so we’ve got a brochure site in place here simple navigation the one.

I really want to get to here is Adagio senior homes calm so we built this website and they made a premium home it’s really beautiful and we did you know we built the website again we did the branding but the other thing we did with them was we built you know out their blog and their content strategy their social media strategy we did a YouTube channel we started for.

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Them if we can get to the blog here it’s going a little slow but we created consistent content here and here’s our brand new home that’s opening up really really beautiful they did a fantastic job with this and what I want to show you here going back going back to this you know the big idea for us you know let’s just go to the search was we focused in since they were a brand new website had zero domain trust zero domain authority we focused in on a local SEO strategy.

And what do I mean by that well if you search for the most popular keyword in their area which is assisted living in San Juan Capistrano certainly there are variations of that but this is the most popular here’s what you get on Google so let’s walk through this here the top three results you see if you’re not familiar with Google you see this little green box that says add right here to the left of all three of them so what are the three websites we see here we see two competitors.