Evergreen successful business of hotel and resorts!!!

If you will ask me which is the one business that has a long term benefits and there is very minimum chances of the loss, then my answer will be Evergreen successful business of hotel and resorts“hotel and resorts” Tenutasandomenico!!!

Yes, why not, let’s look at past one century yes century we have to travel in a deep history to find successes of hotel industry and how it all started! First ask the question why we need hotels? And the answer will be to stay at night or day. Ok that simple but the complicated question is which type of stay you will prefer for yourself or for your family? And the answer will be as per whatever you person you are or your background or your financial condition. Here we are not to talk to about a survival we are here to talk about which type of survival you want and that’s when hotel takes place in our lives.

Fun facts of staying at hotel

We stay at hotel because we are traveling, right? Yes this would be right if you are in past time like 50 years ago. In present time if you ask that question the answer would be No. because in present time there is so many things or uses of the hotels, right now hotels are not only for travelers, it is for a celebrities for businessman for meetings for family together for function for fun time for weekends for get together and so many other things.

 So, if you will ask me I will say hotel’s real application in present time is modified, it is not only for stay it is now more for a fun. As a example if we will say resort , what is resort? Resort is a hotel which have fun things to do in that l9ke swimming pool game zone for kids and some sidewalks to relax that’s all resort has. So what is a difference between resort and hotel both has a first use is to stay place when people need it. But it all changes with people’s priorities people’s different classes and their financial situation changes.

In my eyes we are so much grown right now as a human kind there is so much need of fun time for ourselves, because everyone is in a race of unknown destination and nobody ask a question about it and hotel is a one station at that race where people will relax for a bit and run again in that race. It sounds funny but it’s a truth!!!